Wastewater Cleaner System Brushes – D Lane Engineering

D Lane Engineering are a mechanical engineering company and have been operating for over 25 years, completing repairs and fabrication work for farmers, foresters, agribusinesses, private clients and more.  

Understanding their needs and challenges 

Dan approached Cottam through our custom brush service to help manufacture a replacement brush as part of a machine service. His customer, who works in the agricultural sector, uses the machine to transport freshly harvested carrots and parsnips around their factory.  The brush required was to be used as part of a waste water cleaner system and rotated on a carousel to remove debris and stones before the water is recycled. The customer’s existing brush was inefficient for the task, having been damaged by large rocks and other debris, meaning that the dirty water wasn’t being filtered and was instead being recycled back into the system. 

Key Focuses 

  • Understand the customer’s pain points through an initial discovery call 
  • Obtain the current brush used so our in-house engineers could inspect and recommend an alternative brush solution 
  • Send a sample brush to the customer for testing 

Our Process  

Following on from the initial discovery call, Dan sent the current brush to Cottam so our in-house engineers could analyse the current design and materials used. Upon inspection an alternative brush was recommended which we believed would achieve the desired outcome of removing the debris and stones from the system before the water is recycled . A sample of the brush was sent to Dan so it could be tested in the factory’s machine. Dan confirmed that our recommended brush worked well, and an order was placed to manufacture a brush to the specific requirements to fit the machinery and replace the existing brush. 


Dan’s customer’s machine is now cleaning the freshly harvested carrots as it should be. 

You can find out more about Dan and his company D Lane Engineering over on his website: https://dlaneengineering.co.uk/

What a very professional and thoughtful company. I required some strong, reliable brushes to fit into a water cleaner paddle system. Right from my first contact with the Cottam team I was very impressed with their commitment to supply me with exactly what I needed; pictures were passed to their technical team to assess which product would best suit the environment. After ordering the brushes at a very reasonable price (considering they are made to order), the delivery was completed on time. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.” 

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