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About us

Established in 1858, Cottam Brush Ltd has grown from a small workshop in Samuel Cottam’s Sunderland home, to one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of trade, industrial and specialist brushes.

A family-run business born of the North East

Family-run for six generations, Cottam Brush is a product of the North East’s industrial heartlands. With our historic connection to the shipyards, docks, foundries and mines of the region, we’ve supplied local businesses, artisans and industry for more than 160 years. Starting by hand-making brushes for businesses in both the local area and across the country, our journey closely mirrors that of the people, city and country of which we’re a proud part.

Custom brush solutions for prestigious global brands

Whether it’s our pioneering designs for the defence sector, products that clean subsea pipelines or brushes used to remove debris from gear cogs during the production of jet engines, we deliver on projects that demand ingenuity, precision and a faultless finish.

From our home in the North East, we supply some of the world’s most prestigious companies with the precision-engineered custom brushes they need to get the job done. Across six generations of Cottams, we’ve always strived for excellence. We aim to continue doing so for many generations to come.

Pushing the boundaries of Catalogue brush solutions with world-beating innovation

From supporting key industries during the Second World War to becoming a world-leading manufacturer in the 21st century, we’ve built a reputation as a family-owned business with integrity. Our strong roots in family and community give us the ability to compete with the best in the world.

The Catalogue product supplies small businesses and big-name brands with brushes, rollers and paint scuttles of the highest quality. From artists’ brushes for delicate paintwork to angled brushes for industrial detailing and wire brushes for cleaning, we leverage our extensive design experience to ensure our products meet the intense demands of the modern industrial environment.