How to use the Rapid Lock System

What is the Rapid Lock System?

Our rapid lock system was introduced in 2016 in response to feedback from our distributors that pre-assembled brooms often arrived damaged after transit, which is not the service we strive for at Cottam.

We collaborated with the Business & IP Centre (BIPC) North East to create an easy way for customers to assemble brooms themselves. The system provides a simple, end-user assembly solution.

The key benefits of the rapid lock system include:

  • A “no tools required” assembly, reducing the risk of injury
  • Easy assembly which can be done in under 10 seconds
  • An adjustable lock which can be tightened to accommodate timber shrinkage
  • Brooms are easier to transport
  • Reduced damage during transport and storage
  • Reduced amount of storage space required

How to use the rapid lock system

1 Insert the broom shank into the connector.

2 Push the shank into the connector as far as it can go.

3 Slide the lock part onto the handle down to the connector.

4 Tighten the lock on the connector until the shank is secure.

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