Print Plate Brush – Nissha Medical Technologies

Nissha Medical Technologies Limited (NMT) is a subsidiary of Nissha Co, specialising in medical devices. They manufacture a range of medical products, from ECG electrodes and Neutral Electrodes to minimally invasive surgical devices, which are then supplied to customers internationally.

The Printing section of NMT Ltd produces precision printed products for multiple industries, including charts for use within the medical sector. This process involves taking a film and transferring it onto a print plate. This plate is then exposed to UV light before being used as part of the high-speed printer to create printed materials. The brushes are used during the cleaning process, where an agitating brush system within a heated water tank cleans the printing plates.

NMT Ltd approached Cottam as they required a replacement brush for their printing form cleaner. The manufacturer of the printing machine had closed, meaning that spare parts needed to be sourced from alternative manufacturers.

NMT required a brush that would fit with the specific dimensions of their pre-existing machine. Cottam took the customer’s measurements and was able to provide a brush that was almost identical to the original manufacturer’s.

Cottam supplied twelve plate brushes filled with nylon. Nylon is a versatile material that has excellent resistant properties, including to corrosion and heat. This was particularly important as the brush is used in a heated water tank. It is also a strong but flexible material, ideal for this application.

As a new customer, we wanted to learn more about NMT’s experience of working with Cottam:

“I would definitely work with Cottam again. The engineer I spoke to was very friendly and understood exactly what I needed when I spoke to him. I had spoken to a couple of other brush manufacturers as I wanted to find someone who could make the brush to our specifications. A lot of the manufacturers would only do brushes in specific sizes, but Cottam was able to help with a more bespoke size.”

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