Choosing the correct paint brush for your specific task

The choice of which paintbrush to use for your specific task can be difficult to make with so many options available. The decision often comes down to a number of factors including:  

  • the type of paint or substance being applied 
  • the task you need the brush for 
  • the size of your surface

At Cottam, we offer a wide variety of paintbrushes with both natural and synthetic bristles, each designed with specific users in mind. This article will help you understand which brush is best for your intended purpose.  

Our coatings brushes are suitable for use with all industrial coatings, oil- and water-based paints and are often used for painting structures such as oil rigs and bridges. The American-shaped handle makes the brush easy to manoeuvre and the bristles are easy to clean and maintain, so you can use the brush multiple times with no compromise in quality. 

The brushes are available in sizes 0.5” to 3”, as well as a set with each size to create the perfect toolkit.  

Our laminating brushes, which were designed in partnership with trade professionals, are favourites with customers from the aerospace, marine, and Glass Reinforce Plastic (GRP) industries. 

If you’re looking for a quality brush that’s got proven results with resin, gels and topcoats, look no further than the laminating range! 

The short, synthetic bristles were specifically designed to imitate natural bristle and are easy to clean and maintain. The beavertail-shaped handle makes the brush easy to hold and control, and the chemical-resistant nature means you don’t have to worry if resins and topcoats come into contact. 

The brushes are available in sizes 0.5” to 3”, so no matter the task you’re doing, you know there’s a brush that will suit your needs. 

Brushes for DIY and the decorating trade 

These brush sets were designed with the DIY market in mind but are equally popular with our customers in the painting and decorating trade. 

The paintbrush collection is a quality set of 5 brushes in a range of sizes (1”, 2” and 3”) that make it ideal for any task around the home. With a solid beech handle and tapered and flagged bristles, these brushes have a fine, superior finish and can be cleaned and used again and again. 

Our paintbrush set also offers a range of sizes from 0.5” to 3” that can be used on small detailing tasks through to painting large flat surfaces. With plastic, American-style handles and untapered bristles, this is a more affordable alternative to the above collection, which can also be reused. 

Our cutting in brush is specially designed for, well, cutting in! It features an angled ferrule and synthetic bristles that are ideal for use with water-based paints (including emulsions, silks, eggshells, satins and glosses). The short, beech handle makes this brush easy to manoeuvre in tight corners and helps you create clean, crisp lines effortlessly. 

Available both individually and as part of a cutting in set. 

Our economy brush range is filled with natural bristle, which makes it ideal for use with solvents and solvent-based paints. This range is designed as a “one-use”, throwaway brush for tasks where the brush will be contaminated by the solvents or paints you’re using. 

Bristle Type

Cottam’s quality paint brush ranges are all filled with synthetic bristles. While natural bristles definitely have their use (when working with solvent-based paints for example),  when it comes to water-based paints, we find synthetic is best. In particular, synthetic bristles don’t absorb a lot of water meaning you don’t get tram lines in your paintwork that come with swollen bristles. This can also make for a quicker dry time so you can get your task finished faster. 

Synthetic bristles are often stronger and more hardwearing than natural bristles, which can be more likely to snap. This means you’re less likely to end up with stray bristles in your paintwork and end up with a quality finish. 

So now you have a good overview of the features of each of our brush ranges, you can get on with the task in hand! If you’d like more advice our friendly sales team are always on hand to help. Email or call 0191 428 2510. 

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