Cake Board Brush – Culpitt

Culpitt is a leading wholesaler of cake decorating supplies in the UK. They are a manufacturer of cake boards and have been a customer of Cottam Brush for over 30 years.

The Cake Board Brushes manufactured by Cottam are used to apply film to Culpitt’s cake boards, allowing the process to be automated rather than requiring an operator. As a result of automating this process, Culpitt have been able to improve on the quality and consistency of their cake boards and operators can be working on other tasks which reduces labour costs.

Standard Cottam Cake Board Brushes are manufactured with HDPE backing and nylon bristles. Bespoke bristle materials and brush sizes are available to order.

Contact our Custom Sales Team on 0191 428 2510 to discuss your requirements.

“We’re not aware of any other manufacturers who produce cake board brushes like Cottam. We would recommend Cottam because the brushes they manufacture are high-quality and last a long time. Ordering with Cottam is easy and the lead times are good, which takes the hassle out of the ordering process.

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