Belt Brush Restoration – EV and RA Jones

EV and RA Jones are farmers based in the Dyfi Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site in Wales.

They were looking to restore a belt brush which is more than a century old and was used in the original mill, which the customers are refurbishing. The brush will be used at the mill to sieve flour. Using the original leather brush belt, our engineer filled the brush using a traditional hand stitching method. PBT was selected to fill the brush as it is a modern, food-grade fibre, an ideal material to use for brushes where hygiene is essential.

“We had done research into brush companies, and Cottam’s offer was by far the best. When the brush was re-tufted we wanted to use the original methods and preserve the method of manufacturing that would have been used 100 years ago.

Eddie [Moon, Process Engineer] was very enthusiastic when he saw the brush, and we felt encouraged by that. Larger manufacturers we had approached gave us a list of difficulties when we talked to them about the project, but Cottam had a can-do approach. It was very interesting to come across their traditional method of brushmaking and Eddie had lots of questions relating to the use of the brush, which was very useful for us too.”

If you have a brush refurbishment project, get in touch with our Custom Brush team who will be happy to discuss options with you. A key value of Cottam is reducing our impact on the planet through sustainable brush solutions.

I would recommend Cottam without any hesitation. They gave brilliant service and were very good at customer contact. They kept us up to date and informed, they were interested in our project, and we had our brush back in no time.

EV and RA Jones
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