The only
forklift truck brush
worth investing in!

Our new range of forklift brushes has been created for specific tasks where large format brushes and brooms are the best and most efficient way to manage working environments, using your existing machinery.

Some of our unique Forklift Brush features...

Our variable fork mount allows the brush to be mounted square and angled, either to the right or left. Ideal for pushing aggregate or debris to one side.

Our fixed fork mount defines the fork centres for brush use. Ideal for linear sweeping operations and a cost effective solution for brush production which is reflected in pricing of this SKU. Forks must be adjusted to fit the brush buy the operator.

Our variable fork mount accommodates a wide range of fork centres and thicknesses thanks to its unique design. Sliding clamps and large thumb screws allow the operated to easily mount and secure the brush without the need to re-set the fork positions.

Double the brush! Traditionally bushes are only used from one side, which over time wear and take a ‘set’ position. Using our forklift brushes from both sided gives a great working life of the product and even brush wear.

Standard brush fill.

A unique fill pattern to Cottam. Designed to ensure debris are collected and ‘stored’ in the head of the brush during transit. This limits ‘spillage’ around the ends of the brush head and the need to repeat sweeping actions to collect overspill.

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