The only
forklift truck brush
worth investing in!

Our new range of forklift brushes has been created for specific tasks where large format brushes and brooms are the best and most efficient way to manage working environments, using your existing machinery.

Our Forklift Truck Brushes

Cottam have invested in the design, manufacture, and testing of these brushes to ensure they are the best on the market – the only forklift truck brush worth investing in!

Our Forklift brush attachments are used to sweep or clean floors and surfaces in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. They are attached to the forks of a forklift and allow the operator to clean up debris, dust, and other particles without having to manually sweep or use a separate cleaning machine. Forklift truck brushes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, including nylon, polypropylene, and steel, to suit different cleaning requirements.

COTTAM Forklift Truck Brush (1)

The Basic Broom

Our entry level brush, well broom! This generic sweeping broom is best over hard flat surfaces. Attached to the front of a forklift truck, the ‘manual labour’ element of tidy ups is removed and replaced with speed and efficiency. Available in a stiff or soft brush fill, stiff being better for larger debris and soft for smaller / finer particles.

Model Number (SKU)Width (MM)Height (MM)Depth (MM)Price (£)
FLTB 1200 TBB1200250200On Enquiry
FLTB 1500 TBB1500250200On Enquiry
FLTB 1800 TBB1800250200On Enquiry
COTTAM Forklift Truck Brush (2)

The Warehouse Wizz

Designed to pick up and collect all familiar warehouse debris from packaging, tape, and timber packers to fine dust particles. This brush’s unique dual fill of stiff and soft filaments enables two jobs to be done at once, saving both time and money.

Model Number (SKU)Width (MM)Height (MM)Depth (MM)Price (£)
FLTB 1200 WW1200300300 On Enquiry
FLTB 1500 WW1500300300 On Enquiry
FLTB 1800 WW1800300300 On Enquiry
COTTAM Forklift Truck Brush (3)

The Yard Master

Managing larger debris such as loose aggregates (gravels, sands, soils & even grains) to tiding truck docking areas this brush masters those larger, heavy particles over hard ground. A stiff brush fill throughout ensures this brush is tough and will last a long time.

Model Number (SKU)Width (MM)Height (MM)Depth (MM)Price (£)
FLTB 1200 TYM1200300300 On Enquiry
FLTB 1500 TYM1500300300 On Enquiry
FLTB 1800 TYM1800300300 On Enquiry
COTTAM Forklift Truck Brush (4)

The Farmyard Guru

Recognising the scale of the task, the machinery involved and the workings of a modern farm, our brushes are designed to perform in the harshest of environments managing anything from grains to muck! A strong structured framework and stiff, tough bristles ensure the tasks of managing and cleaning are done without haste.

Model Number (SKU)Width (MM)Height (MM)Depth (MM)Price (£)
FLTB 1500 TFG1500300500On Enquiry
FLTB 1800 TFG1800300500On Enquiry
COTTAM Forklift Truck Brush (4)

The Recycling Specialist

A working environment littered with sharp shards of various metals calls for a very different type of brush. A real heavy-duty brush from framework to fill ensures working areas can be kept clean, safe and accident free. Available in Stainless Steel and Nylon fills.

Model Number (SKU)Width (MM)Height (MM)Depth (MM)Price (£)
FLTB 1500 TRS1500350500On Enquiry
FLTB 1800 TRS1800350500On Enquiry

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