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Pack of 12 x Steel Wire Broom

Designed in the UK, the COTTAM range of wire brushes has been tailor made for both professionals and DIYers alike.

Developed using the best materials, each product has clearly defined usage icons and product information to enable users to be confident in the brush they choose.

Steel wire is most appropriate for work on steel and iron, but may also be used on wood, brass, aluminium and copper. DO NOT use a steel brush where marking or damage needs to be avoided.

The softer the material to be brushed, the more likely that a steel wire brush will cut into it and remove the base in addition to the targeted coating.

For Handle Use Part Code BHA00003

Price per unit £10.78

Commodity – 96039099, Country of Origin – China

£142.32 Price incl. VAT: £170.78

SKU: IWI00055

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