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Eel Pass Board (1000mm x 185mm x 100mm)

Developed in collaboration with the Environment Agency

Rigid boards are manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) & filled with tufts of polyester


Rigid bristle substrate 1000mm x 185mm x 100mm

With regards to the spacings between the bristle ‘tufts’ or ‘knots’ this varies depending on the predominant size of eel/elver making use of the provisions in that area

It is commonplace to line one side of a channel with lengths of 20mm boarding for elvers & attach 30mm boarding adjacent; to allow for various sizes of eel/elver to utilise the pass effectively

As a further solution to the accommodation of varied size eel/elver; we can fit 2 ‘spacings’ on one board. These are known as ‘Split Pitch’ boards and are available in both flexi & rigid forms

Highly effective and can be customised to any installation

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