The Basic Broom...

Our entry level brush, this generic sweeping broom is best used on hard, flat surfaces. Attached to the front of a forklift truck, the ‘manual labour’ element of tidy ups is removed and replaced with speed and efficiency.


Sweeping Simplicity with The Basic Broom

Simple in design yet highly effective, The Basic Brooms versatility allows it to sweep away dust, dirt, and debris from a variety of surfaces. Easy to use The Basic Broom requires no power source or fancy features, making it a reliable ally in any cleaning endeavour offering an affordable solution to maintaining tidy working environments.

Features & Benefits

Attaches to your existing forklift truck machinery

Suitable for forklifts with forks up to 6 inches

Fixed fork pockets on centres of 683mm

Available in 1200, 1500 & 1800 wide models

Made here in the UK our brush has been designed so you can use both sides for even wear and the reusable frame means only the brush needs replacing

Purpose built for warehouse cleaning, our unique fill collects more debris

Your brush will be delivered in its purpose made cradle making for a suitable storage unit when not in use

No tools are required to fit or remove

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