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Pack of 12 x 9" Synthetic Soft Window Brush

£86.88 Per Pack Size of 12

Volume discounts available.

Introducing the new Rapid Lock System:

- no tools required (reducing the risk of injury)

- easy and quick to assemble (connect, twist and lock in 12 seconds)

- easier to transport and store using less space (one box of heads and one pack of handles)

- removes the risk of breakages (saving costs and repeated handling time of orders)

 Price per unit £7.24

Commodity - 96031000, Country of origin - Sri Lanka

PLEASE NOTE. Handles need to be bought separately, which are BHA00001 for this head size.

Pack of 12 x 9" Synthetic Soft Window Brush
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Handle: BHA00001
Material: Black Flagged Polyester
Pack Qty: 12
Price per Unit: £7.24
Range: Cottam XD
Size: 225mm (9")
System: Rapid Lock

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