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Oil & Gas

Our specialist Oil & Gas team have worked with many companies including Statoil, NOV and J2 Subsea and can help whether you’re looking for an off the shelf brush product for your existing fleet of pigs or if you need something designing to your specification.  

Our pipeline brush solutions bring together over 150 years design and manufacturing experience with the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure a great result for your customer.


Developed specifically to fit existing spring arm brush cleaning pigs.

The brush has been designed to clean better and last longer than existing legacy products and features the latest in pencil brush technology.

It is also corrosion resistant.

The QUATTRO-FLEX can be customised to your requirements with options to change colour, wire grades, trim length or configuration.

Amazing Cleaning Performance      

  • New Pencil Brush Technology
  • 360° Rebound Memory Wire 
  • Over 2,000 Hardened & Tempered Steel Wires Per Brush  

Corrosion Resistance

  • Powder Coated Backing Plate 
  • Tin Coated Individual Steel Wires
  • Non Corrosive High Grade Urethane Base 









Our in house design and engineering teams develop innovative solutions for difficult pipeline inspection and cleaning challenges. The best results come when we are involved at the earliest stage of your design / job specification process, but whenever you choose to speak to us our Pipeline team will ensure you get a brush does exactly what you need, when you need it.

All featuring our 360° rebound memory wire and configured to your requirements

  • Disc Brushes
  • Pads and segments
  • Pencil Brushes
  • MFL Inspection Brushes
  • Flexible Brushes
 disc brushes



For specialist subsea cleaning applications.     

ROV Brush    


Made with heavy gauge nylon filament material which makes this an extremely hard wearing and aggressive brush, ideally suited to a subsea environment.

Cone Brushes













For MFL & TFI  inspection of pipelines.

Can be configured & calibrated to suit many types of intelligent pig.

This is a high quality product that never fails to perform to the very highest standard required by pipeline inspection companies.

Inspection Bristles


Made with a white memory filament, allowing for strong alignment within the pipelines.

The durability of the nylon filament is a major contributing factor to the outstanding success of this brush.

Click here to see our work with J2 Subsea.

Dome Shaped Brush





















Designed specifically to improve pipeline flow rates by removing wax build up in subsea pipelines.

No other brush on the market adapts to changing pipeline bore diameters whilst retaining its excellent cleaning properties throughout, quite like this ‘brush’.

Click here to read more about the project.

Torsion Spring Pig Modules


Made with stainless steel and designed specifically for the pipeline industry.

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