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Non Scratch Solution for Electrical Application

AURIC METAL FINISHERS offer a specialised service for the metal plating of high volume electronic connector, telecommunications, semi-conductor and flexible circuit components.

The problem with the existing method of applying an electrical contact to the customers strip components is that as they pass through the plating line employing fixed metal (brass or stainless steel) contact bars. These can scratch the surface of the material leaving a score which in many cases renders the material scrap.

Our solution was a brass contact brush. The densely packed soft brass filaments allow an equal electrical current to pass through the strip as they previous fixed contact bars but without scratching or scoring the material.

The success of this project largely centred on the partnership between both parties, which enabled adjustments and variations to the specification to be made to suit demand.

"The brass contact brushes manufactured by Cottam are of the highest quality. The service as well as the product consistency has impressed me greatly. They are a cost efficient and reliable supplier who we would highly recommend”.

- David Harris, Technical Manager, Auric Metal Finishers Ltd     

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