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New Look For Cottam

You may be wondering what triggered us to rebrand the company just 5 years since we last did it.  Well there is a saying that nothing stands still in business and we believe that’s true.  Back in 2007 when we last went through this process we were a company on the brink of a new beginning about to move into brand new premises and feeling quite buoyant.  What followed though was the credit crunch in 2008.  While we never doubted our ability to weather the storm it did cause us to review in great detail everything we were doing as a business.  We believed at the time (and have proved since) that we could emerge from the recession as a stronger, more agile business.

One of the key things that came out of this review process was the need to accurately reflect to our customers and the market as a whole what Cottam is all about.   There are two very distinct sides to our business and while much of our design and manufacturing operations are shared the customer bases themselves can be poles apart.  This led us to split the sales and innovation functions of our business into two divisions which we now call Brushware Supplies and Technical Solutions.

        With a renewed sales focus and ambitious plans for growth we felt we needed to present ourselves in a stronger and more contemporary fashion – hence the rebrand.  We worked collaboratively with Di Gates of Stick Theory and with independent designer Nat Glover to create a new company and divisional identity and were delighted with the outcome, especially since it meant we got to keep the purple walls, chairs and assorted other items which adorn brush HQ!

Of course our delight is really secondary to that of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.  So tell us, what do you think of our new branding and does it change your perception of our company in any way?

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