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Products for cleaning and coating in dangerous places and difficult spaces

Imagine for a moment being harnessed to the side of an oil rig, or a bridge while the wind whistling past your ears moves you from side to side.  Or how about working in the pot room of an aluminium smelter, where the blazing heat limits your work time to 40 minutes.
In these sometimes dangerous and always difficult places you need to know that the even the simplest products you’re using will stand the test and perform well.

These are the things that our design team keep in mind when they're developing new products.
How can we make the user experience better?  What are the product expectations?  What is the required job outcome? What are the time, space or environmental constraints?  
Sometimes it can be as simple as adding grips to the handle of a product to ensure it can be easily used with safety gloves, sometimes its about knowing that the materials will withstand extremes of temperature or long periods of submersion.

Our brushware range is developed to industrial standards.  That means it will be suitable for most common industrial situations.  Beyond the "common" situations our Technical Solutions know-how comes into play.  Applications for industrial brushes are many and varied and often the specialist knowledge we've accumulated over the last 150 years can pay dividend in developing more highly specialised brushware products.

If you see a product you like in our range, but need it to be spec'd up to meet your requirements then get in touch, we're always pleased to advise and supply products and materials for testing.

But demanding applications usually come with demanding supply chains and its something we at Cottam are well used to.  We’ve supplied the oil and gas sector out of Aberdeen for more years than we care to remember, and although automotive and defence both have challenging supply chains we're proud to be a link in those chains and to be know as a reliable and trusted supplier.

Cottam – products for coating and cleaning in dangerous places and difficult spaces!

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